Script restriction

All scripts in Sitecore Content Hub are restricted, with permitted libraries and blocked libraries.


If you have legacy unrestricted scripts that are published, and you upgrade to a later version than 3.2.2, your scripts will still work. However, you will not be able to create or publish new unrestricted scripts. If you have legacy unrestricted scripts, we recommend that you convert them to restricted scripts.


We recommend that you keep the total script run time below 10 minutes. After 12 minutes, the script worker considers the script stuck and starts a new worker to relaunch it. This can cause resource starvation and data inconsistency.


The ScriptConfiguration setting is system-owned; superusers cannot edit it.

Permitted libraries

You can use the following libraries in a script. Scripts with one wildcard (*) indicate that you can use only the classes and objects of that namespace. You cannot use the classes and objects of the embedded namespaces. For example, System.* allows you to use System.ArgumentException, but not System.Web.Services.WebService (the first is directly within the System namespace, unlike the second). Scripts with two wildcards (**) means you can use any classes and objects of that namespace or any embedded namespaces.

  • System.*

  • Stylelabs.M.Sdk.**

  • System.Net.HttpStatusCode

  • Stylelabs.M.Scripting.Types.**

  • Stylelabs.M.Framework.LoadConfigurations.**

  • Stylelabs.M.Framework.LoadOptions.**

  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Linq.**

  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Filters.**

  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Query

  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.ScrollRequest

  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Sorting

  • Newtonsoft.**

Blocked libraries

You cannot use the following libraries:

  • System.Activator

  • System.Environment

  • System.GC

Blocked attributes

You cannot use the following attributes:

  • System.Type:InvokeMember

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