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Introduction to Sitecore Connect


Provides an introduction to Sitecore Connect, a workbench that lets you connect your Sitecore products with other apps in your technology stack.

Sitecore Connect is an integration workbench that lets you connect your Sitecore products with other applications in your ecosystem to provide your users with end-to-end connected experiences.

Sitecore Connect uses Workato, an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform, to help you create integrations with a no-code or low-code approach.


To familiarize yourself with the Workato platform, visit the Workato documentation website.

Sitecore Connect is accessible as an app within the Sitecore Cloud Portal. You must belong to a valid organization in the Sitecore Cloud Portal to work with Sitecore Connect.

The Sitecore Connect app uses a modular architecture that mainly consists of recipes and connectors defined in Workato.

Recipes are automated workflows defined as triggers (events occurring in applications) and actions (sets of instructions to perform tasks when specific events occur).

Connectors handle the connectivity and interactivity between apps to perform tasks.

Refer to Workato documentation for key concepts descriptions and for instructions about how to create and work with connector recipes.

Sitecore Connect helps you to easily integrate Sitecore products with thousands of applications. Some of the key features and capabilities of Sitecore Connect include:

  • Maximum connectivity with minimum overhead to streamline integrations between Sitecore products and wider markets, and to overcome complexities and differences in authentication technologies, formats, and connecting methods.

  • Automation scenarios for marketers to easily automate data and business processes across your customer experience tech stack using intuitive visual canvas. Different drag-and-drop flow blocks including integrations conditions, repeat actions, and more.

  • Flexible data transfer points that allow you to start your data communication from different points, including trigger within your systems, periodic schedules, webhooks, using external APIs, or using Slack bots.

  • Smart prediction of your data entity mapping complemented with drag-and-drop manual fields mapping if required.

  • Active control dashboards enable active monitoring of all your projects and recipes, allowing you to easily spot and fix issues before they impact your operations.