Keep product data up-to-date using the Incremental Feed API

The Sitecore Discover Incremental Feed API lets you programmatically send updates to existing products in Sitecore Discover so that the Discover AI core always acts on your most up-to-date product information.


During onboarding, inform your Sitecore integration specialist about the product attributes you plan to update using the Incremental Feed API so that we can set up your domain settings accordingly.

You use the Incremental Feed API between each run of a recurring full product feed, when you have a requirement to make near real-time updates to some attributes of existing products in Discover. For example, you might have to update attributes related to product availability or price, or disable an active SKU.


You cannot use the Incremental Feed API to add new products in Sitecore Discover. To add new products in Discover, you must include the new products information in the full product feed.

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