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What's new in Sitecore Discover

We are constantly working to improve the experience of developers who integrate Sitecore Discover search and recommendation experiences with e-commerce websites or apps. You might want to bookmark this page to periodically check for new features or capability. Here are the latest updates.

Welcome to Sitecore Discover documentation for developers

To support developers working on Sitecore Discover integrations, we've produced a brand new set of documentation now available on the web. This documentation facilitates your on-boarding with Sitecore Discover, helps you prepare and plan your integration, and covers each supported integration methods.

Sitecore Discover JS SDK for React (beta)

Front-end developers can use the new Sitecore Discover JavaScript SDK for React to quickly integrate search and recommendation experiences. We've provided documentation to help you get started with your Discover integration using the JS SDK for React.


Sitecore Discover SDK for React is available in beta version only. If you would like to use the beta version of Discover SDK for React in your Discover integration project, inform your Sitecore integration specialist during on-boarding.