Look up a visitor in the Customer Engagement Console

You might have to look up a visitor to your site to troubleshoot why they are seeing a specific recommendation or to delete their profile in the Sitecore Discover system. You can search for any site visitor in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC) using their UUID, customer ID, EID, or email address.

To look up a visitor in the CEC:

  1. In the CEC, on the menu bar, click Catalog, then click Visitors.

  2. On the Visitor Lookup tab, in the drop-down, select the type of ID to search by.

  3. In the Visitor ID text field, enter the ID of the user you are searching for.

  4. Press Enter. If the ID is valid, the page populates with information about the visitor.


    You can delete a single visitor profile from this screen by clicking in the Visitor Profile section, then clicking Delete. If you want to delete more than one visitor profile, you can do so on the CCPA/GDPR Deletion Requests tab.

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