Add a sender


Learn how to set up a new sender to be able to send newsletter from different email addresses.

The sender is the email address that your recipients see in the From field when they receive your newsletter. Sitecore Send lets you add different senders. This way you can have different senders for different occasions. Because email marketing campaigns adhere to high quality standards, a sender should always be a professional email address with a good reputation. Keep in mind that you want your campaigns to be recognizable by your recipients and that your sender is familiar both in name and address.

To set up a new sender:

  1. On the top right of your dashboard, click Account and click Settings.

  2. In the menu on the left, click Senders.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. In the Create new sender dialog box, add a name and an email address and click Save.

    If you are unable to use email addresses that you entered, this can be caused by:

    • Your sender address is a free webmail address.

    • No website was found associated with your sender address domain.

    • Either your website's, your domain's, or your sender address's reputation do not meet the set threshold.

  5. A verified sender is an email address that has been confirmed as being a valid sender of your email campaigns. Confirm the new sender in the confirmation email. On the Senders list, your new sender's Verified checkbox is now selected.


    If the Verified checkbox of a particular sender is not selected, that means that you have not verified the particular sender when you created the address. Possibly, you missed the confirmation email that was sent to the sender email address. Check your inbox or spam folder for a Sitecore Send confirmation email.