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Integrate with other applications using Sitecore Connect


Learn how to create a recipe using Sitecore Connect.

With Sitecore Connect, you can connect Sitecore Send with other applications and create automations that transfer data between Sitecore Send and the connected applications, such as Facebook and Google Sheets.

You can use the built-in recipes or set up your own recipes with triggers and actions on the subscriber base. You can create a recipe with a trigger from Sitecore Send or create a recipe with an action from Sitecore Send

When you've created a connection from Sitecore Connect to Sitecore Send, you'll be ready to create a recipe to connect to a third-party application.

You can manage your subscribers in Send, based on the triggers that come from the connected applications. When you want to connect Sitecore Send with a third-party application in order to make automations, you can do this with the Sitecore Send connector in Sitecore Connect.  

For example, you set up Sitecore Connect to automatically create subscribers on an email list in Sitecore Send when: 

  • a contact is added to a spreadsheet, your CRM system, or your ERP system, or 

  • someone responds to a survey.