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Work with audience discovery


How to work with automated campaigns.

With audience discovery enabled, you can view audience discovery tags on your email list and use the tags to create your own segments.

With audience discovery enabled, you can also enable automated segments and automated campaigns.

To track and add tags to your members corresponding to their actions on your connected website, you must enable audience discovery.


To use audience discovery, first connect a website with your Sitecore Send account.

To enable and disable audience discovery:

  1. Click Account, then Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, click the Advanced ecommerce features tab and set the Use Audience Discovery Tracking switch to On.

    Audience discovery tags are now applied to the members list for the connected website and audience discovery criteria are made available on the segments details page.

  3. To disable audience discovery, set the Use Audience Discovery Tracking switch to Off.


    If you disable audience discovery, its tracking tags no longer appear on members, and you are not able to use them for segmentation. However, the existing segments remain active for you to edit or delete. We strongly advise you to pause or update any automation using the corresponding AI criteria.

    If automated segments or campaigns are enabled, these will also be disabled.

  4. Audience discovery tags are now removed from the members list for the connected website.

The tags created from audience discovery are shown on the tracked email members list. They are colored, whereas tags applied by the user are white.

You can filter the members of your email list by tags and manage your audience by performing actions on a subset of the list, such as copying members from one mailing list to another. You can use the audience discovery tags to understand the purchase intent of your customers.

Audience discovery tags fall into the following categories:

  • Interest in brand or category (choose between specific product brands/categories).

  • Purchase intent overall, for a brand, or for a product category (choose between Low, Mid, or High).

  • Funnel stage (choose between Low, Mid, Mid-high, and High intent, and Active, Loyal, and Very loyal customer).

With audience discovery enabled, tags are turned into segmentation criteria which you can use to create segments. The criteria show the purchase intent and interest of the members, and at which funnel stage they are. You can then send a campaign with relevant content to your customers in that segment. When you create your segment, you can use audience discovery criteria and combine them with other criteria that Sitecore Send provides, such as subscriber data, previous campaign behaviors, and linked website activity.