The Tenant Service

Current version: 8.0

The Data Exchange Framework (DEF) Tenant Service (TS) models processes that can synchronize data between multiple systems. It is included with the DEF installation.


To enable the Tenant Service functionality, you must install the Data Exchange Framework Tenant Web Service.

The TS facilitates the transfer of data between two systems:

  • The source system sends a request to a TS.

  • The target system receives the data.

Typically, one of the systems is Sitecore. However, you can use the TS to transfer data between any two systems.

The TS is a web-based API that works in a listener mode and allows third-party systems to push data into Sitecore. The TS listens for requests from a third-party system, whereas the DEF pipeline batches read data from the third-party system and push the data to the target system.

For example, you can use the TS to handle the following:




Create contact



Trigger goal



Submit form button

Sitecore Forms


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