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Current version: 10.3

With Sitecore Forms, you can collect form submission data for offline viewing or for further data manipulation and analysis. Form data is saved when the Save Data action is added to the form’s Submit button. You specify whether the data of a specific field item is saved to the database by selecting the Allow save check box.


To export form data you must be assigned the Forms Data Administrator role or the Sitecore Administrator role and be logged in to the Sitecore client.

When you export form data:

  • The structure and order of the form fields are respected in the exported file. If the structure of the form changes over time, it is the original form structure that is used.

  • Each row in the exported file starts with a Created column, which contains the date and time that the form was submitted. By default, date and time values are shown in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). Subsequent columns contain the value fields currently on the form, in the exact order that the fields appear on the form. Columns are generated even when there is no data submitted for the field. Non-value field types (such as Text fields) do not generate data columns.

  • Fields that have been removed from the current form but contain data from earlier form submissions are placed at the end of the row with [Deprecated] appended to the column header as shown in the following example:

    Example of a form data export
  • Field types where the Allow Save check box is not selected generate column headers but have column values that are always empty.

  • Files uploaded by a visitor display as URLs in the CSV file. To download the export file, copy and paste the URL in a web browser and download the file.


You can configure how the form export behaves by modifying the Sitecore.ExperienceForms.config file to customize the culture setting, the date format, and the delimiter.

To export form results:

  1. On the Forms dashboard, click the form, click the drop-down button, and click Export data.

  2. To export all data submitted, in the Export to a CSV file dialog box, select the Complete list option. Alternatively, to export a range of dates, use the To and From fields to enter a date range.

  3. To use the local date and time values in the export, select the Use Local Time check box.

  4. Click OK.


You cannot export form data programmatically using the Forms export API. To do so, you must create and implement your own API.

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