The form settings

Current version: 10.3

In the Form Elements pane, on the Settings tab, you can apply general settings for your form.


In the styling section, in the CSS style field, you can specify the class to set the style for the whole form. You can override this setting for specific fields by setting the CSS style on the form field level on the Design tab.


When you create a new form, the default form thumbnail displays. If you want to select a different image for your form, Sitecore Forms lets you upload thumbnails (/sitecore/media library/System/Forms/Form).

To select a form thumbnail:

  1. In the Select media field, click the three dots.

  2. In the Select media dialog box, select the image that you want to use as a thumbnail and click Select. You can find the image in the left menu, or you can use the filters or the search functionality. Alternatively, you can click Upload media to upload a new image.


You can apply conditional actions to web forms. Click Edit conditions to add a condition.

Advanced settings

You can choose whether to enable performance tracking, AJAX, and robot detection with the following fields:



Performance tracking

Select to record data about how the form performs. When you select this field, you can track user behavior for each form field and view data on the abandon rate, error rate, and average time used to complete the field on the Performance tab.

If this field is selected on the Settings tab, you can choose to deselect Performance tracking on a field level. If you do not select this field on the Settings tab, selecting Performance tracking on a specific field does not have an effect.


Select to save form field data even before the form is submitted. If you select this field, only the form UI is reloaded when navigating from one form page to another form page or during submission. If this field is cleared, the whole web page is reloaded during navigation or submission.

If AJAX is disabled on a multipage form, you must advise visitors not to use the browser's back button because this leads to data loss.

Robot detection

Select to enable robot detection for the form. If you select this field, Sitecore Form blocks the form submission traffic that is identified as a bot by Sitecore Analytics. Form data that is identified as a bot is not saved to the database.

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