Set up content and media items

The Content Hub ONE starter kit includes scripts to create the necessary content types, content items, and media for a recipe website, making it easy for you to begin your Content Hub ONE development journey. To install these resources to your Content Hub ONE instance, a setup script is provided that uses the Media upload API, Content Hub ONE SDK, and the Content Hub ONE CLI to create the required resources.

Initial setup

The setup script brings content and media into Content Hub ONE. In Visual Studio Code, navigate to the root of the repository folder and run the command node setup.


The script uploads the media files one by one, creates the corresponding media items, and completes the upload process. It then uses the Content Hub ONE CLI to push the serialized content types and content items to your Content Hub ONE instance. This can take some time.

Verify that the setup was successful

You can open the Content Hub ONE app to verify that the new content and media was sucessfully set up.

To verify that the setup was sucessful:

  1. Open Content Hub ONE and, on the menu bar, click Content. The content items you just uploaded are in DRAFT status.

    content uploaded
  2. On the menu bar, click Media. The media items you just uploaded are in DRAFT status.

    media uploaded

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