You do not need to understand the full syntax of the Content Management API before you begin, but we recommend you take an initial look at the data model now, and refer back to it again as required.

You can extend a query using standard query parameters, such as pageSize, pageNumber and so on. You can also use a pipe (|) to denote OR and an ampersand (&) to denote AND when querying for content types, content items, media items, and taxonomies. Here are some examples:

Get content items of a specific type with a certain status

To get content items based on the tour content type with a published status, you can use the ampersand.

GET /api/content/v1/items?

Get a list of specific content items

To get a list of content items with one of three specific IDs, you can use the pipe.

GET /api/content/v1/items?id=luxuryInn|comfortInn|ecoInn

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