Choosing the type of integration

Choosing the type of integration involves deciding whether to use Sitecore Content Hub scripts or the REST API and Web Client SDK. Each has their advantages, but keep in mind that the Web SDK makes the REST API readily available and easy to use in the language for which the SDK is built. It handles authentication, throttling, and parsing, and provides you with many types of models to help in your development.


To interact with Content Hub through the console or scripts, use the Content Hub Command Line Interface (CLI).

When deciding whether to use Content Hub scripts, consider the following:

  • Content Hub scripts result in better performance and less throttling than REST API requests.

  • Content Hub scripts support features that are not available with the REST API.


Content Hub scripts cannot be used to connect to other systems.

When deciding whether to use the REST API and Web SDK, consider the following:

  • If you are using C# and JavaScript, use the Web SDK.

  • If you are using another language, write your own implementation for the REST API.

  • If you want to connect to Content Hub, use the REST API and Web SDK.


The REST API and Web SDK are not meant as a delivery mechanism, do not use them to perform a live integration. Instead, use Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub.

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