Experience Edge for Content Hub

Sitecore Experience Edge is a platform consisting of services for headless content delivery. It is based on the Content as a Service (CaaS) model, which enables you to publish content to any channel. In a CaaS model, content is made available using GraphQL APIs, with no attached frontend. This lets developers create multiple frontends where:

  • Data is created and stored in Sitecore Content Hub.

  • Data is pushed to the APIs or delivery platform.

  • Websites, whether built through static site generation (SSG) or dynamic Server Side Rendering (SSR), can consume content.

When you update content in Content Hub, those changes are published to Experience Edge, making them available to all channels as illustrated in the following diagram.

Delivery platform diagram for Experience Edge

Experience Edge exposes data through GraphQL APIs, and media through a CDN. The CDN is responsible for routing and caching queries that flow to and from the delivery platform. Whenever Content Hub detects changes to approved content or the schema, it raises an event that triggers the automatic publishing process.

Experience Edge is a multi-tenant service distributed at a regional level. A delivery platform instance is available in Australia, Japan, Western EU, Eastern US, and Western US. This geographical distribution offers a scalable solution with minimal response times.


Experience Edge requires a special license. To obtain one, contact your Content Hub account manager. Shortly after you receive your license, your system is provisioned with the resources necessary to use the delivery platform. To use Experience Edge, a superuser must enable publishing in the Delivery platform settings.


To help you get started, see the Overview of Sitecore Experience Edge video available on the Discover Sitecore channel. An in-depth look at Experience Edge for developers video is also available. Additionally, a webinar on delivering headless content at scale with Sitecore Experience Edge is available from the Sitecore website. And, further information is available in the article What is the Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub.

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