The REST API of Sitecore Content Hub is multicultural. This means that various aspects of the API support multiple languages.


Some objects have a property named labels. This property is used to store descriptions in multiple languages for that object. See the Labels Object for details on how to interpret or construct this object.

Entity Properties

A property definition can state that its value is multilanguage. This means that in this property a value can be stored for different cultures. This works even on properties that are not of the String type. Integers, decimals, booleans and datetime values can be localized as well. See the Member Definition Object and Entity Object for details.

Unless you specify which culture you are interested in, a GET request for a resource that returns an Entity Object will return the information for all the cultures that are supported. If only the information related to a particular culture is needed, augment the request by appending a culture filter to the query string. For example, given this URL


GET /entitydefinitions/name/entities

add the culture filter to retrieve only the U.S. English values like this:


GET /entitydefinitions/name/entities?culture=en-US

Multiple cultures can be specified by comma-separating them:


GET /entitydefinitions/name/entities?culture=en-US,nl-BE

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