To accommodate further requirements, connections can now be ranged. In this case, the client is able to determine the range of items returned by specifying a take parameter. Additionally, a skip parameter may be specified. These parameters are used instead of 'page index' and 'page size' to reduce ambiguity. Ranging is only available if there is a URI template that contains these optional parameters:






the number of items 'skipped' and not returned. If not present, no items are skipped.



the maximum number of items returned. To improve server response time, the value is limited. If the value is too high, the request is denied with 403 Forbidden or 500 Internal Server Error. The limit is set on each resource. See the documentation on the resource for more information.

It must be noted that the presence of the take parameter is required. If no take parameter is specified, no ranging is used and chunking may be in effect. Chunking may or may not use the same skip parameter in its URL, but this is beyond the scope of the client and altering the skip parameter in this case is unsupported.

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