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Integrate using the Search and Recommendation API


A brief introduction of Discover's Search and Recommendation API and a list of its features.

Use the Discover Search and Recommendation API to add AI-based, targeted search and recommendations to your application. With the API, you can search, filter, sort, personalize, and suggest content, including products, categories, stores, articles, banners, etc.


The Discover Search and Recommendation API provides the following features:

  • Suggestions - use suggestions for your users to get guidance and tips for the next search query, including autocomplete, dynamic spelling correction, query suggestions, and related searches.

  • Facets - Use facets to list available content attributes to narrow results.

  • Filters - Filter facets to get selected facets applied to content results.

  • Content results - search results for all requested types of content.

  • Sorting - the ordering of content results based on different attributes or algorithms.

  • Multiple widget results – ability to serve multiple widgets on a given page.

  • Product listing pages – ability to configure dynamic pages where recommended content can be filtered and grouped by any attribute of a user's choice.

  • Personalization - results based on user purchase intent such as real-time, past, or aggregated user behavior.

  • Appearance – information to render widgets in the browser.