Widget variations

Widget variations are widget instantiations that you can customize and schedule. Visitors see the active variation of a widget when they visit a page containing the widget.

The widget variation framework gives you the ability to:

  • Publish temporary changes and configurations.

  • Run split tests or A/B tests on the variations of a widget.

The following sections introduce important concepts related to widget variations.

Default widget variation

Every widget has a default variation that is displayed when another variation is not scheduled. You can change the default variation at any time. Switching default variations is instantaneously visible to your visitors, unless another variation is scheduled.

At the end of a widget variation's scheduled period, its host page displays the default widget variation unless another variation is scheduled.

In the list of widget variations, the default displays (Default) beside its name.

Widget variation status

You have to publish changes to a widget variation if you want the widget to display them to your visitors.

The following table lists the different widget variation statuses:




Unpublished changes.


Not the default variation, published but not scheduled.


Not the default variation, published and scheduled.


Currently displayed on the page.


Not the default variation and past its scheduled period.


When you publish changes to an active widget variation, the changes come into effect immediately.

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