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Create an offer


Describes how to create offers, which are marketing messages that contain information you can present to a guest in multiple channels (Sitecore Personalize).

An offer is a marketing message that contains information you can present to a guest in multiple channels. Offers are based on offer templates. When you create an offer, you must select the offer template to use as a base.

To create an offer:

  1. On the navigation menu, click Decisioning, Offers.

    The Offers screen displays.

  2. Click Create Offer.

    The Offer Templates window displays.

  3. Click the Offer Template to use as a base for the Offer.

    The Create Offer screen displays.

  4. Complete or verify the following fields:

    • Name - Enter a name for the offer.

    • Description - Enter a description for the offer.

    • Template - This displays the Offer Template you clicked to use as a base for the offer.

    • Context - This is a legacy feature.

    • Status - Click active or inactive from the drop-down list. If you click inactive, the offer can not be shown to a guest.

    • Scheduled - This toggle button enables you to schedule an offer to be shown between certain dates. To schedule an offer:

      1. Toggle the Scheduled button to on. A Start Date field and End Date field display.

      2. Enter the first date to show the offer in the Start Date field.

      3. Enter the last date to show the offer in the End Date field.


      Inactive offers are not shown to guests even if they are within the scheduled dates.

    • Validate Offer against the Product Catalog: This toggle button enables you to validate the offer against your organization's product catalog. This button is disabled for organizations that do not integrate their product catalog with Sitecore CDP.

    • Offer Attributes: Various offer attribute fields display depending on the offer template that you clicked to base the offer. Complete the appropriate offer attributes fields.

  5. Click the Save button.

    The Offers list view displays.