Add a new attribute

During your initial onboarding, Sitecore integration specialists provide you with a set of base attributes. If you want to add a new attribute after the initial setup, you must add the attribute in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC) using the Domain Settings section of the Administration page.


Before adding a new attribute, make sure the values it represents exist in your content items. For example, if you add a version attribute, at least some of your content items should have a value for version listed in a meta-tag or elsewhere in the HTML.

To add a new attribute in the CEC:

  1. In the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), on the menu bar, click Administration > Domain Settings.

  2. Click Attributes > Add Attribute.

  3. In the attribute editing dialog, click Settings > Entity and then click the entity that this attribute applies to. Available entity options depend on your specific implementation.

  4. In the Display Name field, enter a display name for the attribute.

  5. In the Attribute Name field, enter the attribute's key or property name.


    The attribute name must be alphanumeric and lowercase with no spaces. Separate words with an underscore (_).

  6. In the Placement drop-down menu, click Standard.

  7. In the Data Type drop-down menu, click the data type of the attribute.


    The data type influences which features this attribute can be used for. For example, an attribute of type integer cannot be used for personalization. Similarly, an attribute of type object cannot be used for facets, filters, personalization, or sorting options. Unavailable options are greyed out on the Use For Features tab.

  8. Optionally, enter values in the following following input fields:

    Default Value, Description, and Icon.

  9. On the Use For Features tab, select the CEC features where you want to use the attribute. This is where you enable an attribute to be used as a sorting option, a facet, for textual relevance, and so on.


    Depending on the feature, further configuration might be necessary on the Feature Configuration tab or in the Global Widget settings.

  10. To add the new attribute, click Save. Then, click Publish. In the dialog box that opens, to confirm your changes, click Publish again.


After you have added a new attribute using this process, you must edit your source configuration to extract this attribute's values from content items.

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