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Using content in an automation


Describes the content options available in an automation.

When you create an automation, you have several options regarding the content that you can use when sending an automated email. You'll see these options in the Then Send email campaign dialog:

Use the Then send email campaign dialog to create your content

The automation designer lets you:

  • Use the content from an existing campaign - use the content from a campaign that is already underway or just draft content from a campaign that is still being designed.


    The content that the email recipients see is taken from the campaign you selected. Sometimes you might prefer to have your campaign design ready before you start designing the automation, but it ιs not necessary. You can, at any point, leave the automation design and work on the campaign content design instead, before returning to the automation design.

  • Create a campaign from scratch - create a completely new campaign for the automation. The automation designer lets you access the campaign wizard, which guides you through the process.

  • Use the campaign editor - create a campaign design in the editor using a template.

  • Create the campaign content - use the rich text editor to create a simple HTML message for your automation.