Create a user in Sitecore Content Hub for SCCH

To run synchronization with Sitecore Content Hub, you must have a Sitecore Content Hub user who has access to the necessary data.

To give the user permission to run synchronizations, you must assign the correct access rights to the user. The rights you assign depend on whether the user needs access to the Digital Assets Management (DAM) part of Content Hub, the Content Management Platform (CMP) part, or both.

To create a Sitecore Content Hub user:

  1. Open Sitecore Content Hub, and on the ribbon, click Manage .

  2. On the Users tab, click Add User.

  3. In the Username field, enter the user name, and click Save.

  4. To assign user rights for DAM:

    • In the M.Builtin.SitecoreDAM.Everyone user group, add a new rule for the M.Asset entity, and select the Read and ReadPublicLinks rights.

    • To assign the user to the group, on the User groups tab, click Add to User group, select the check box and click Select.

  5. To assign user rights for CMP, the user must have read access to the relevant Content Hub entity. For example:

    • Access to the sync blog entity requires read access to M.Content.

    • Access to the sync product entity requires read access to M.PCM.Product.


    To see if the user has access to the relevant Content Hub entity, on the user's Details tab, click Impersonate > Yes, then try to navigate to the Content Hub entity.

  6. Optionally, to add the user group to a policy combination, in the Policy combination panel, click Add item.

  7. Click Save.

  8. On the Details tab, click Edit profile.

  9. In the Email field, enter an email address, and click Save.

  10. Click Reset Password, and click Yes to confirm. A password reset link is sent to the email address previously provided. If the email message does not appear, check your spam folder.

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