Create a personalized storefront experience

Current version: 10.3

You can improve the digital experience for your customers by personalizing the storefront content and making it relevant to them. To help you with this, SXA Storefront takes full advantage of the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework (shown in the following figure) by:

  • Collecting intelligence on customer behavior, registering outcomes, goals, and page events.

  • Providing rules for personalizing the individual customer experience based on intelligence collected about customer behavior.

High level conceptual architecture overview of Sitecore Commerce Connect.

When you use the Storefront site template, functionality for analytics and personalization is automatically set up and enabled.


SXA Storefront inherits the analytics functionality that is built into Commerce Connect. This means:

When a customer ...

Sitecore registers...

Submits an order

a monetary outcome, where the monetary outcome is a dynamic value dependent on the order value.

Visits a category or page

a page event

Updates the shopping cart, customer and user account, inventory, or gift card

a page event

Performs a search

a search page event

You can review Experience Analytics reports specific to Commerce to better understand the analytic data collected.


Specific personalization rules are available for the storefront based on the content of the cart or on inventory. See Personalizing a storefront page based on inventory.

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