SXA Storefront rendering communication

Current version: 10.3

Commerce renderings make calls to the Commerce Foundation layer, which includes the following base functionalities:

  • The BaseProductRepository repository - includes methods for calling the Commerce Engine to retrieve price and stock information.

  • The ProductEntity class - represents a product.

  • The ProductSummaryViewModel model - contains all relevant product information (price and stock information and variants). It is used with various SXA renderings on the Product Detail page and Category pages.

  • The ProductEntityHelper - populates and returns a ProductEntity or a list of ProductEntities.

  • The OrderBasedRecommendedProductsProvider provider - acts as the default provider for retrieving the list of product IDs to use in product recommendations.

  • The <commerce.getRecommendedProducts> pipeline - includes three processors for handling product recommendations: FromOrder, FromQuery, and FromLastOrder.

How renderings communicate depends on how the rendering has been implemented.

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