SXA Storefront best practices

Current version: 10.3

To improve the usability of the content tree and storefront site, follow these best practices. General best practice recommendations specific to SXA are not included.




To make the SXA Storefront available in one or more of Sitecore supported languages, that is Danish, German, and Japanese, download and install the translation resources files before you create the Storefront site.

When you create the storefront, the scaffolding process adds item versions for the supported languages. If you add the languages after you create the site, the items provided by the storefront template will not be translated.



Plan content structure based on site map. Place all the items which are accessed using a URL as descendants of the Home item.

A site map of the site will influence the way the items are structured under site home item. Any folders appearing in the path from home item to the page item will appear in the URL.


Do not put items that should be accessed by a URL (and that have presentation details set) outside of the Home item of the site, as this adds /Sitecore/content to the URL.

To keep the path and URLs within the scope of the site.




Limit the number of versions of any item to the fewest possible. We recommend keeping 10 or fewer versions on any item, but policy may dictate this to be a higher number.

Better editing and publishing performance.


Use simple, relevant and easy to understand names that are understood by business users (for example, when defining the Display Name and Field Title fields).

Facilitates how Content Authors and Web Designers work.


Organize the folder structure of the media library so that it is easy to navigate for non-technical users.

Allows the Content Authors and Web Designers to more easily access the media files they need.


Use lowercase only in item names

Consistency in naming conventions is important so that Content Authors, Designers, and Developers can find items quickly and easily.

Usability and search optimization

Use icons to identify container items

Provides visual cues for Content Authors, Designers, and Developers so that they can find items quickly and easily.


Avoid having spaces in site and tenant names

Spaces add special characters in URLs.

Usability and search optimization

Avoid using special characters in item names

Usability and search optimization.


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