Multisite implementation with web forms


The Web Forms for Marketers module supports multi-site environments.

The Web Forms for Marketers module supports multisite environments. This means that administrators can define different form locations and settings for different websites. You can do this in the formsRoot attribute in the definition of the site in the .config files.

The value of this attribute is a Sitecore path that defines:

  • The folder that stores the forms in the current website.

  • The appearance and color settings for forms in the current website.

  • Access rights.

The formsRoot parameter must contain either an item path or the ID of the target item. The target item must be based on the /sitecore/Templates/Web Forms for Marketers/Forms Folder template.

For example, this is how the formsRoot parameter is defined in the web.config file:

startItem="/forms" database="web" domain="extranet"
formsRoot="/sitecore/System/modules/Web Forms for Marketers/local forms"
This can be defined in the Sitecore.Forms.config file using the ID:
<site name="website">
<patch:attribute name="formsRoot">

To ensure that there are no duplicated values, you should define the formsRoot parameter in the \App_Config\Include\Sitecore.Forms.config file.

When the formsRoot attribute is not defined for a website, new forms are stored in the content tree, in the /sitecore/System/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers/Local Forms folder.