Run web forms in live mode

Current version: 9.0

In Sitecore, you can run a website directly from the Master database – this is referred to as running in live mode. Running in live mode eliminates the need to publish content and is similar to viewing a website in the Preview client.

A website that is configured to run in live mode functions exactly like a normal website. Live mode respects all publishing restrictions and workflows in the same way that a default website supports these features.

To run the Web Forms for Marketers module in live mode, edit the web.config file:

  1. In the relevant <site> section, change database="web" to database="master".

  2. In the <modules_website> section, change database="web" to database="master".

    The <sites> section of your web.config file should look like this:

          <site name="modules_website"...database="master".../>
          <site name="website"...database="master".../>

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