Select placeholders shown in the Placeholder List


Add or remove placeholders shown in the placeholder list.

A placeholder is an object in Sitecore that serves as an anchor point for other presentation objects and they allow content blocks to be added in predefined positions. Every placeholder is named using its “key” attribute. Renderings and sub-layouts can be associated with placeholders based on the placeholder key.

The Insert a New Form wizard only allows you to add web forms to placeholders that have Placeholder Settings items. A user who adds a new form must have write access to an item where the form is added, in order to see placeholders in the Placeholder List. This enables developers and website administrators to define which placeholders can contain a form.

The Restricting Placeholders wizard helps you select the list of placeholders that are shown in the Placeholder List of the Insert a New Form wizard.

  1. To open the Restricting Placeholders wizard, on the Sitecore Desktop, click the Sitecore Start button, All Applications, Web Form for Marketers, and then click Restricting Placeholders.


    The Selected field, lists the placeholders that users can add a new form to.

  2. To add a placeholder from the All section to the Selected section, select a placeholder and click 5838E9BD47844BE9BEE0B42D102EEAA1.png.

  3. To remove a placeholder from the Selected section, click D5C90626693D4C7FBC6772AA7735B086.png. When you click OK, all the changes are saved.


    To add a placeholder to the All section in the Restricting Placeholders dialog, you must create a new placeholder under the Sitecore/Layout/Placeholder Settings item in the content tree.