Reinstall the Web Forms for Marketers module


Reinstalling the Web Forms for Marketers Module.

You can reinstall the Web Forms for Marketers module to make sure all the files and items are correct. The files and items can become corrupt during an unsuccessful upgrade.


When you reinstall the module, all the save action parameters are reset to their default values.

To reinstall the module and save all of the created web forms:

  1. Create a Sitecore package that contains all the web forms that you have created.

  2. Back up the module database.

  3. If you modified the Sitecore.Forms.config file, back up this file.

  4. Install the Web Forms for Marketers installation package.

    • Click Overwrite all when prompted.

    • Click Continue always when prompted.

  5. When you finish the installation, install a package with web form items.

  6. Restore the module database.

  7. Restore the Sitecore.Forms.config file.

  8. Now you must configure the save action parameters because they have been reset to default values. For example, in the Send Email Message save action, set the host parameter.