The security roles in the Web Forms for Marketers module


The security roles that determine a user's access to the features of the module.

To configure the access that a user has to the features in the Web Forms for Marketers module, you can assign the necessary access rights through the security roles described in this topic.

To give access to all the features in the module, you can assign the following roles to a user:

  • Sitecore Marketer Form Author

  • Sitecore Client Developing

  • Sitecore Client Securing

The following roles are relevant to Web Forms for Marketers module users:



Sitecore Client Forms Author

Allows the user to:

  • Create a new form.

  • Edit an existing form.

  • View the Form Reports.

Sitecore Client Developing

Allows the user to convert a web form to an .ascx file, in order to change the behavior or appearance of a web form.

Analytics Maintaining

Allows the user to:

  • Enable or disable form dropout tracking and associate goals with web forms.

  • Associate a new profile card with an item.

  • Access reports of Sitecore Engagement Analytics (SEA)

Sitecore Marketer Form Author

Inherits access rights from the following roles:

  • Sitecore Client Forms Author

  • Analytics Maintaining

  • Analytics Reporting

Sitecore Client Securing

Allows the user to:

  • Edit the Create User save action.

  • Edit the Edit Role Membership save action.

  • Edit the Change Password save action.