Find items with the Content Explorer


Use the Content Explorer to find content items by filtering, searching and sorting.

You can use the Content Explorer to find content items (including pages and content items without presentation) that meet certain criteria.

You can select a query, set filters, search for keywords, and sort the list of items, in any combination and in any order.

To open the Content Explorer:

  1. Open Horizon from the launchpad.

  2. In the global toolbar, click the Content tab.

    The content tree and Content Explorer icons in the left-hand panel.
  3. In the left-hand panel, click the Content Explorer icon Content_Explorer_icon.png.

To set filters in Content Explorer, do any of the following:

  • In the left-hand panel, select one of the following queries:

    • All content items

    • Recently created by me – items created by the current user within the last month.

    • Recently modified by me – items modified by the current user within the last month.


    When you select a query, the relevant filters are set. For example, if you select Recently created by me, the Created by filter is set to your user name and the Time filter is set to Last 30 days.

  • Apply one or more filters.

    • Template: Select one or more templates to view items based on any of the selected templates.

    • Workflow state: Select one or more workflow states to view items in any of the selected workflow states.

    • Created by: Select one or more users to view items created by any of the selected users.

    • Last modified by: Select one or more users to view items modified by an of the selected users.

    • Time: Select a period of time to view items modified or created on a date in the selected period.

  • To remove all filters, click Clear all.

    The filters in the left-hand panel of Content Explorer.

To search for keywords:

  1. In the Keywords field, type or paste the keywords that you want to search for.

    • You can search for item ID, path, or any other data in the content item.

    • Search in Content Explorer only finds the latest version of an item. If you enter text that appears only in an old version of an item, you will not find the text.

    • To see only exact matches, enclose the keyword or phrase in double quotation marks (for example: "Contact information"). Sitecore ignores any special characters and punctuation within the quotation marks.

    • The keyword search does not recognize search operators or wild cards (for example, and, or, not, and *). This means, for example, if you include * in the Keywords field, Content Explorer finds content that contains the * symbol.


You only search in the items that are currently in the Content Explorer list. To search all items, remove any filters first.

By default, items in the Content Explorer are sorted alphabetically by the Name column.

  • You can sort the items by any column in the table.

  • You can sort on only one column.

To change the sort order:

  • Click the sorting arrows Horizon-sorting_arrows.png in the header of the column you want to sort by.

When you have selected a view and applied filters, you can copy the URL and send it to another author. When they paste the URL in a browser, they will see the results for the same filters, keyword search, and so on.