Preview a site in Simulator mode

Current version: 10.2

You can use Simulator mode in the Horizon application to preview a site. You can preview how pages will look on different dates and on different devices. For example, if you have created a version of the page that will be displayed for a campaign, you can view how the page will look before, during and after the campaign.

To preview a site in Simulator mode:

  1. Click the Simulator icon The Simulator button in the toolbar.

    The Simulator displays the page that is current in the editor. You can navigate to other pages as you would on the live site, by clicking links and menus on the page.

  2. To see how the site looks on a different device, click the phone, tablet, or desktop icon in the Device switcher at the top of the window:

    The Device switcher
  3. To preview how a page looks on a specific date, click the date in the time bar.

    The Simulator displays the site as it will appear on the date that is highlighted in the center of the time bar in the bottom of the window. The time bar contains black dots that indicate when updates are scheduled for the page. 

    The time bar in the Simulator
  4. To see dates that are not visible in the window, drag the time bar left or right.

  5. To view the time range that a version is scheduled to appear, hover the date that has an update indicator. A list appears with all versions that will be shown at some time on that date. You can select a version from the list. 

    Updates are displayed when you hover over a date in the time bar..
  6. To close the Simulator and return to the editor, click the Close button The Close button in the toolbar.

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