Viewing page insights

Current version: 9.3

From the Horizon editor, you can see insights for the current page by clicking the Insights icon The Insights icon.. Page Insights displays a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the current page and the selected device type. You can use the Device switcher to select one device type or all device types.

The Page Insights screen.

There are a number of default insights that come with Horizon, and developers can also create new insights.

The following insights are available by default:

  • The Conversion rate by date insight displays the conversion rate for the current page by date for the last 7 days. The total number of conversions for the page is the number of visits that included the current page and resulted in a conversion. The conversion rate is calculated as conversions for the page divided by the total number of visits to the current page.

  • The Time on page by date insight shows the average amount of time per visit that a visitor spent on the current page. The chart shows the average time on page for each day for the last 7 days.

  • The bounce rate of a page is the percentage of visitors who visit the page and then leave the site without viewing other pages. The Bounce rate insight appears if the current page has a high or low bounce rate (over 55% or below 35%). The insight displays the bounce rate of the current page for the last week:

  • The Time on this page insight indicates how much time visitors spent on this page in the last week compared to the average time spent on all pages on your website.

  • The Bounce rate by date insight shows the bounce rate for the current page for each of the last 7 days.

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