Introduction to audience sync


Provides an overview to audience sync to export segment data to external destinations (Sitecore Personalize).

An audience sync is an export of segment data to an external destination such as a social media platform to power an ad campaign. Sitecore CDP audience sync can help reduce misspent prospecting, create exclusion lists, and suppress existing customers from acquisition campaigns.

You must create an audience sync connection and use an audience sync template to create an audience sync. An audience sync template defines a structured data template to export audience data to an external destination.

Audience sync enables you to get the most out of social media ads by using rich and relevant first party segments created in Sitecore CDP. You can centralize your audience targeting by combining clickstream, behavioral, historical, and offline data sources, all captured by the Sitecore CDP APIs. This eliminates the need to rely on third party systems which protects the privacy of your customers.