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Introduction to batch segmentation


Overview of using batch segmentation in Sitecore CDP, including creating segments using SQL statements (Sitecore CDP).

Sitecore batch segmentation enables you to query and build custom segments at scale and speed using any attributes that your organization passes to Sitecore CDP. When you build your segment, embedded statistics enable you to see the number of guests that currently have a specific attribute, before you select it.

You can use Sitecore batch segmentation to target specific guests for paid media and email campaigns, eliminating the need to manually create, upload, and update segments from various sources.

When you build your segment, you can see the number of guests that currently have a specific attribute, before you select it. For example, embedded statistics let you know how many guest profiles have the language attribute, and who has Polish versus English as their language. You can use this instant data to decide which field or value to include in the segment query.

You can interrogate all your organization’s data using embedded analytics in the segment editor. This is a great way to explore your customer base and quickly identify the exact proportion of guests associated with any field or value.

If you are an advanced user of segmentation, you can enable advanced mode to write SQL directly into the UI and apply regression logic, quartiles, and other advanced segmentation capabilities.

You can use segments just to collect purchasing patterns of a certain demographic, or you can apply micro-segmentation to identify who your active customers are, including what they search for, what they buy, when they buy, and using which device.

You can use segments throughout Sitecore CDP in decisioning and real-time audiences. To do this, you must schedule the segment. Sitecore CDP continuously processes, evaluates, and interprets new data to determine segment eligibility within 24 hours of an interaction, resulting in more relevant and effective campaigns.