Content authoring

As a content author, you can use the Content Hub ONE app to enter text and other media, creating digital experiences for your customers. To begin, you choose a content type such as a blog post or article, then add content according to the structure of the chosen content type.

In the following example, the Blog post content type includes a title for the blog post (initially untitled) and the following fields:

  • Photo - the blog post starts with a photo. The field is accompanied by help text for guidance.
  • Quote of the day - this is an inspirational quote to go with the blog. Above the field is a character counter to help you keep within the character limit.
  • Body - the main body of the blog post. An asterisk indicates it is a required field. You can use the buttons on the toolbar to format the text as needed.
  • Author - this is a reusable content item that references a short author bio.

content type example