Configuring CDN or reverse proxy service


Sitecore has deprecated hosting pages with Discover.

We recommend that you use the Discover JS SDK to integrate your website or the Discover API for a website or application integration.

For pages hosted with Discover, you must configure your Content Delivery Network (CDN) or reverse proxy service to direct browser requests to the Discover web service.


Make sure the URLs you want Discover to serve are easy to identify.

It is beyond the scope of this topic to describe the specific steps you need to undertake to configure your CDN because every client setup is different and unique. However, the following diagram shows how URL requests pass through to the Discover Pages service for response.

Browser requests to the CDN/reverse proxy passes through to the Discover Pages service for response.

Do not use caching on your CDN/reverse proxy servers for your hosted pages because Discover caches them on your behalf.

Cached pages can contain user information on a group level. Information about individual users is never cached.

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