Implement a Sitecore Discover widget using a div tag


Integration using Sitecore Discover runtime JS is deprecated.

We recommend that you use the Discover JS SDK to integrate your website or the Discover API for a website or application integration.

For each Sitecore Discover widget configured in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), you must include a placeholder <div> tag to display it on your webpage.

This <div> tag is tagged with an rfkid that connects it to the correct widget in the CEC and enables the widget to be shown automatically on your page.


This topic assumes that you have already included the Sitecore Discover beacon on your webpage. It also assumes that the Discover integration team has set up your CEC with widgets and customized their look and feel according to your mockups.

To implement a Sitecore Discover widget using a <div> tag:

  1. In the CEC, click on the Merchandising Widgets icon.

  2. Select the widget you want to include on your site.

  3. Click Widget Settings.

  4. On the right side of the page, copy the code under CODE SNIPPET. You might have to scroll down. The code looks similar to the following:

    <div data-rfkid="rfkid_31"></div>
  5. Paste the code on your webpage.

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