Update a URL mapping for product listing pages

For product listing pages (PLPs) to work correctly, the URLs on your site must be mapped correctly into the Sitecore Discover system. In the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), you can check whether your URLs are mapped inside the system and update the URL mapping when necessary.

You might have to update your URL mapping if you have a conflict between URLs or if you are changing hosted URLs.


Before starting this process, make sure your category feed is up to date.

To update a URL mapping in the Discover system:

  1. In the CEC, on the menu bar, click Pages.

  2. In the All Pages list, find the PLP you want to update.

  3. Click next to the name of the page, then click Edit Page Settings.

  4. In the Attribute & URL section, click Edit.


    To view the currently mapped URLs, in the Attribute & URL section, click . To download a list of all mapped URLs, click .

  5. To enable Discover to automatically sync the catalog URLs, turn the Select attribute values manually switch off. To manually select attribute values, turn the switch on and click Select category values in the Category section of the attribute group. Then, select the categories you want to sync.


    You can resolve a URL conflict by manually selecting attribute values and clearing the category that contains the conflict.

  6. To review the settings and status for all Discover mapped URLs, click View All Urls. URLs that are not mapped correctly show up at the top of the list along with a red X.


    To download a list of all mapped URLs from this screen, click Export ().

  7. If there are incorrectly mapped URLs, fix them by either clearing the category that contains the conflict or by making changes in the category feed.

  8. When the URL review is complete, click Save and then click Publish to update the URL mapping.


    If the CEC displays a message that there are issues detected with your URLs, this means that Discover detected empty URLs from the setup and is not updating the internal URL mappings. Click Publish Anyway to enable Discover to retrieve the latest data and identify the newly introduced category, attribute, and URL mappings.

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