Deploying XM Cloud


To use XM Cloud Deploy, you must have an Organization Admin or Organization Owner role in your Sitecore Cloud Portal organization. An organization admin or organization owner can grant a team member access to the XM Cloud Deploy app by changing their role.

To manage your XM Cloud projects, environments, and deployments, you have three options:

  • The XM Cloud Deploy app provides a web interface for project creation and environment management. If you need to connect to a source control repository system and set up automatic deployments or use the Vercel + GitHub connector, you must use the XM Cloud Deploy app.

  • The XM Cloud Deploy API is a REST API that you can use to create custom build pipelines, custom processes, and other automation tools to manage your projects and environments.

  • The Sitecore CLI XM Cloud plugin extends the Sitecore CLI to support the automation of XM Cloud operations. It enables you to manage different aspects of Sitecore projects and environments such as serialization and publishing, using a unified command-line interface. In some cases, it provides more verbose output than the REST API, and commands can combine multiple REST API calls.

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