Working with languages

XM Cloud supports creating content and websites in multiple languages. The default language is English, but you can add any number of languages to your XM Cloud instance. You can select amongst predefined languages, or create your own custom languages.

After adding languages to your XM Cloud instance, you create the language versions you want for your items or websites. Then you can start translating the content of your websites.

XM Cloud supports language fallback. There might be situations where only parts of a website are translated. In such cases, instead of showing no content to the website visitors in their preferred language, the language fallback mechanism kicks in and shows the same content in another language. Language fallback can also be useful when you need to localize a website for different countries or regions that speak the same language, for example, English (United Kingdom) and English (Australia). If you configure English (Australia) to fall back to English (United Kingdom), you can quickly launch the English (Australia) website without translating any content, except for the local currency, units of measure, and so on.

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