Install translation resource files for the SXA Storefront site

Current version: 10.3

The default language of the SXA Storefront site is English. Sitecore provides translation resource (.dat) files that you can download and install to make the SXA Storefront site available in Danish, German or Japanese. Sitecore is preconfigured to support these languages.


It is best practice to install the translation resource files before you create a SXA Storefront site.

To install the Sitecore-provided translation resource files for the SXA Storefront site:

  1. On the Sitecore Download site, go the Sitecore Experience Commerce release page and, in the Translations section, download the following packages:

    • SXA Storefront Translations

    • Commerce Connect translations


    Both translation resource packages are required, and each package contains Danish, German, and Japanese language files.

  2. For each package, perform the following: extract the content of the package, open the Content folder, right-click on the ZIP file corresponding to the desired language, for example Sitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator (da-DK) *.*.**.zip, and then extract the content to the following location in your Sitecore instance: \inetpub\wwwroot\<Sitecore>\sitecore modules\.


    The structure of the items folder included in the ZIP package matches the structure of the items folder in Sitecore. As a result, the extracted files are copied to the appropriate localization folder as follows:

    • \sitecore modules\items\master\localization

    • \sitecore modules\items\core\localization

    • \sitecore modules\items\web\localization

  3. Open Internet Information Manager (IIS) and restart the IIS service.

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