Configure a Commerce rendering

Current version: 10.2

All the Commerce renderings available in the Toolbox are configurable. The Control Properties dialog box includes several standard SXA configuration sections as shown in the following table.


Every rendering has its own rendering parameters, which are detailed in the Configuration section for each Commerce rendering.




The settings in this section enable you to control how cached data is used. For more detailed information, see Caching SXA Storefront renderings.


The settings in this section include placeholder and data source parameters.


Do not change the Placeholder and Data Source properties. Changing these properties can cause the rendering to disappear or might lead to other unexpected behavior.


The settings in this section enable you to specify the rendering layout. By default, when you add a rendering to a page, it takes the full width of the column. In the Experience Editor, you can change this in the Grid section.


The settings in this section enable you to display or hide labels and buttons and change the styles for indents, rendering and label positions, and layout type.


The settings in this section are custom settings that you define to pass the data to the instance of the sub-layout (beyond the data source). In the Additional Parameters field, add additional properties as key value pairs.

To configure a Commerce rendering:

  1. In the Experience Editor, click a rendering on the page to select it.

  2. On the <rendering> toolbar, click More, Edit component properties.

  3. In the Control Properties dialog box, modify the rendering parameters as required and click OK.

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