Create a content type

Building a content model involves creating content types to represent how individual content is structured. Each type has a series of fields that determine what information the resulting content contains. You can create a content type manually or you can use the AI designer to create an initial content type using AI.


The order of content type fields determines the order they are presented to content authors. It does not, however, determine how the content is rendered.

To create a content type:

  1. On the menu bar, click Content model > Content types.

  2. On the Content types page, click Create content type.

  3. In the Create content type dialog, in the Name field, enter a name for the content type. By default, the ID is created using the name.

  4. Optionally, enter a different ID if required.

  5. In the Description field, enter a description of the purpose and use of the content type.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Add fields to the content type template.

  8. To reposition any field, click and hold the drag icon icon while dragging it to a new position.

  9. Click Save.


For a full list of fields, parameters, and technical limitations, see the data model.


You can see if the content type fulfills your requirements by creating a content item. At the top of a content item’s details page, you can click the name of the content type to access its details page and make changes to it as needed.

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