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Send a funnel event using the Events REST API


Describes the procedure for sending a funnel event to Sitecore Discover using the Events REST API.

There are many types of events you can send using the Events API. However, there are some you are required to send, including all funnel events. This topic shows sample steps for how to send a funnel event (add to cart) using the Events REST API.

To send an add to cart event using the Events Rest API:

  1. Retrieve your API URL.

  2. Create the add to cart event object as shown in the following code:

      "value": {
        "context": {
          "geo": {<geo object>}
        "products": [
            "price": 9.99
      "type": "a2c",
      "name": "pdp",
      "uuid":"<Discover UUID>",
      "user_id": "<anonymous user ID>"


    You must provide either uuid or user_id.

  3. Send the event object to your Events API URL as shown in the following code sample:

     "data": "{<event object goes here>}"