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Create a decision table


How to create a decision table so you can incorporate business rules in a decision model variant (Sitecore Personalize).

A decision table enables you to incorporate business rules in a decision model variant, using a tabular format.

To create a decision table:

  1. From the decision canvas, click and drag the Decision Table component from the palette to the decision canvas.

  2. Click the Edit icon.

    The Decision Table tab displays.


    Each time you add a decision table to the canvas, a unique Decision Table tab displays. You can close the tab without deleting the decision table.

  3. In the Decision Table Name field, enter an intuitive name for the decision table.

    Ensure that the name you use represents the output of the decision table. This helps with readability when others attempt to understand the logic and purpose of the decision model variant.

  4. Select the type of hit policy you want to apply. A hit policy determines how many rules can be simultaneously satisfied and which satisfied rules are included in the decision table result.

    • Unique

    • Any

    • First

    • Rule Order

    • Collect - click the + icon adjacent to the Collect header to access the Collect hit policies:

      • List

      • Sum

      • Count

      • Min

      • Max

  5. Click Add Input Column . The Add Input Column dialog box displays. Configure an input column to designate where to derive the input of the decision table. For example, use output from another decision or information from the guest data model. When you do this, you can either configure the input column to use guest data, configure the input column to use JavaScript, or configure the input column to use a data source.

  6. Configure an output column to determine the source of the offer or content that the decision model variant returns to the experiment.

  7. Add business rules to the decision table to apply the logic that must be satisfied to return the offer or content.