Creating a bookmark remove event

There are many types of events you can send using the Sitecore Search Events API. You might want to track instances of visitors removing bookmarks. You can do this using a bookmark remove event.


In addition to the default attributes that are required for all events, the entities attribute is required for bookmark remove events. The entities array must contain an object representing the entity the user has removed the bookmark from, with at least the id and entity_type attributes included.

The following is an example of a bookmark remove event:


For the event object data model, see the Events API reference.

  "name": "bookmark",
  "action": "remove",
  "uuid": "<uuid>",
  "client_time_ms": 1234,
  "value": {
    "context": <context object>,
    "entities": [
        "id": "123",
        "entity_type": "content",
        "entity_subtype": "article",
        "attributes": {
           "author": "ABC"

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