Create a regular campaign


Learn how to quickly set up a regular campaign.

Sitecore Send makes it easy for you to create an email marketing campaign. You can create regular campaigns, RSS and repeatable campaigns, A/B testing campaigns, and a Repeatable HTML campaign. This topic describes how to create a regular campaign.

To create a regular campaign:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Campaigns tab, and click New .

  2. Click Regular campaign.

  3. Define the campaign settings by filling all the relevant fields.

  4. Use the toggles to configure tracking for your campaign. You can use Google Analytics and/or let Sitecore Send track your campaign revenue.

  5. Select an email list or segment of a list to receive the campaign. You can choose more than one list. Only active members of any selected list or segment receive the email.


    if a recipient is on more than one of the email lists chosen as targets for your campaign, Sitecore Send automatically checks duplicate emails to make sure that the recipient gets your campaign just once.

  6. Select a campaign design. You can:

    • Create your own design from scratch by using the Editor.

    • Select a premade, customizable template.

    • Import an existing campaign template from a URL or your computer, or by pasting HTML code.

  7. Choose when to deliver your campaign. Your options are:

    • Immediate delivery: Choose I want to send this campaign now. You can still preview your campaign before sending.

    • Scheduled delivery: Choose I want to schedule this campaign to be sent at a specific date and time, and fill in the required fields.

    • Resending to subscribers that did not open: Choose Resend campaign to non-openers, and fill in the required fields.

  8. Preview your campaign design. If you want to send a test of your campaign, your options are: click Send A Test Email or Spam Test.

    • Send A Test Email: sends a test email to one or more inboxes of your choice, so you can see what the final email looks like.

    • Spam Test: tests the likelihood of whether your email reaches your subscribers' inbox and avoids their spam filters.

  9. Once you're happy with all your choices, click Send.