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Create an A/B campaign


Test different versions of your campaign by using the A/B split campaign.

An A/B campaign is an email campaign that lets you test two different versions of the same campaign on part of your mailing list and then automatically send the version that performed better to the rest of the recipients on your list. A/B campaigns help you test the subject line, campaign content, and/or campaign senders.

To create an A/B split campaign:

  1. On the Sitecore Send dashboard, click Plus, New campaign.

  2. On the A/B testing tile, click Create.

  3. In the Set basic settings section, you can now create different versions for the following:

    • Subject line - test what is the best title for your campaign. Both Subject A and Subject B will be tested on a percentage of your list.

    • Content - test two different HTML files, that can contain different text, different images, and so on.

    • From name - test which sender name receives the most responses. For example, you can learn whether your recipients prefer the sender to have a person's name or the company's name.

    To continue to the next section, click Next.

  4. Select one or more mailing lists. You can choose more than one list. You can also select any previously created segments of a list instead of an entire mailing list, or any combination between different lists and segments. Click Next.

  5. In the Design section, select or create a template and click Next.

  6. In the Set AB settings section, you can define which part of your email list will act as a test group. The recipients in the test group receive the different campaign versions and, based on how they react, the winning version is defined and this version is sent to the winning group (the rest of the email list).

    Drag the slider to determine how many recipients are in Group A, Group B, and the Winning group.

  7. In the Which winning version will be sent to the rest of your list field, select one of the two following check boxes:

    • The one with the highest numbers of unique opens.

    • The one with the highest number of unique clicks.

  8. In the Run the test for fields, use the slider to set the duration of the test.


    The maximum duration of the test is 24 hours. The minimum is 1 hour.

  9. In the Schedule delivery section, plan when the campaign is sent out and click Next.


    When you set the time, you must check the time zone in your account settings. For example, if you send your campaign at 16:00 and, in your account, your time zone is set to GMT+1, your campaign will be sent out at 17:00.

    In this section, you can also enable the Resend campaign to non-openers option to resend the email message again to people who do not open it after a certain amount of time.

  10. In the Preview section, you can see all the settings of your A/B campaign. If you are happy with the settings, click Send to send your campaign to your subscribers.